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Promoting interprofessional practice among learners in order to foster collaborative, holistic, patient-centered care

Hannah Sakiyama

Associate SimChallenge

My name is Hannah and this year I am an associate of SimChallenge. I am in my third year of the collaborative nursing program. During my spare time, I enjoy being outdoors and spending time with friends and family. LIPSS has shown me the value of interprofessional education and the positive outcome of working in interdisciplinary teams.


Lyndon Swick

Associate SimSeries

I am an Associate of SimSeries for the 3rd year in a row now. I am currently studying Biology and Chemistry with hopes of continuing on to medical school at NOSM. For hobbies I enjoy hunting/fishing/snowmobiling and Olympic Weightlifting. An interesting fact about me is that in the summer I do not have your typical summer job, I work for the Canadian Coast Guard doing Search and Rescue Operations on the Great Lakes (Georgian Bay). Interprofessional education is important to me because at the end of the day, without team work in any health care setting, the patient is not getting the best service they deserve.


Brendan Chasse

Associate SimSeries

Hi! My name’s Brendan Chassé and I’m really excited to be an Associate for SimSeries this year! I’m currently a Nursing student at Lakehead University, and am entering my second year in the program. My hobbies include playing sports like hockey and football with my friends, and hiking the numerous trails surrounding Thunder Bay. I also enjoy spending time volunteering with the many programs and organizations we have in our city. I have learned to value the strengths of interprofessional teamwork as I’ve watched it help boost morale, improve patient outcomes, and uncover new ideas and perspectives. I’m very excited to work and share knowledge with everyone at LIPPS this school year!


Morgan Chapman

Associate Social

Hi, my name is Morgan Chapman and this will be my 2nd year of being the associate of social with the club. I’m from Manitoba and am going into my 2nd year of collab nursing. A semi-interesting fact about me is that I have travelled parts of Europe! I believe interprofessional education is important because it allows people to consider different perspectives on a subject and promotes collaboration between individuals.


Danielle Saunders

Associate of Communications

My name is Danielle Saunders. This is my first year participating in LIPSS and I am the communications associate. I am in my second year of the collaborative nursing program. In my free time I enjoy travelling, exercising and being with friends and family. Being part of LIPSS, I am excited to start collaborating with other health care students before actually entering into the workplace. I think it is beneficial for us to learn how to communicate with each other early so that proper care can be provided later on.