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Promoting interprofessional practice among learners in order to foster collaborative, holistic, patient-centered care

Jacqueline Hanley

General Member

My name is Jacqueline. I am currently in my fourth year of Radiation Therapy at Laurentian University, and one of the Sim Challenge Associates. I caught the travel bug at a young age and ever since I have seized every opportunity to explore the world. My most recent adventure was to Costa Rica in early May and I really enjoyed it!

I was previously the President of Laurentian Interprofessional Health Council. Throughout the years I spent on council, I’ve learned that one single profession can’t do it all, and that we all have unique pieces in a puzzle that can only be solved when we work together (i.e. patient care). My experience with interprofessional healthcare thus far has allowed me to thrive in my undergraduate program and I cannot wait to bring this knowledge with me into my future career.


Zhenyu Guo

General Member

I am a general member within LIPSS. I am graduate student enrolled in mechanical engineering. I developed an interest in engineering, business and technology during undergraduate study, having spent years in the Science and Technology program at university. I also developed an interest in studying French language during in Canada. It empowers team members including me. It promotes my mentality.