955 Oliver Rd., Thunder Bay, Ontario


Promoting interprofessional practice among learners in order to foster collaborative, holistic, patient-centered care

We appreciate your interest in joining LIPSS! New members with an interest in exploring and promoting IPE are always welcome!

Please email lipss.lakehead@gmail.com for the remaining meeting dates of the semester.

Interested in applying for a position within LIPSS for the 2018/2019 school year?

Please fill out THIS form with all accurate information.

Not sure what the positions are all about? See here! Position Summaries

The AGM Election Order is as follows:

  1. President
  2. Director Sim Challenge
  3. Director Sim Series
  4. Director Internal
  5. Director External
  6. Director Fundraising
  7. Director Fundraising
  8. Director Social
  9. Director Recruitment and Retention
  10. Director Communications
  11. Director Research
  12. Director Finance
  13. Associate Sim Challenge (up to 2)
  14. Associate Sim Series (up to 2)
  15. Associate Internal
  16. Associate External
  17. Associate Fundraising
  18. Associate Social
  19. Associate Recruitment and Retention
  20. Associate Communications
  21. Associate Research
  22. Associate Finance

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